Racking of plenums for chem film

This is how we rack our parts for the alodine coating.  We have been using these same racks for 20 years.  We have short racks, and tall ones.

The racks work really well, parts come back with no burrs from the plater handeling our parts


IMG 5431IMG 5431

plenum finished parts

This is the finished product on one of the plenums Tony has been working on.  Still have to go to the platers for the alodine coating


IMG 0450IMG 0450IMG 0450

Milling multiple parts at one time

Our customer made the parts.  T&M Precision was to mill the heads on the rods smooth

To save time and money, Tony made this fixture to machine 50 parts at the same time



Milling fixture for fabricated plenum project

This is the final milling fixture Tony made for one of the plenums he is working on

Fixture is made with steps in it so it can be used for multiple machining operations


IMG 0438

second view of welding fixture for small flange

different view of welding fixture for welding small flange on plenum


IMG 0437